Natural Biorhythms 3.0

White Stranger (Shareware)

White Stranger Natural Biorhythms is a personal biorhythm calculator. Biorhythms refer to a pattern of changes that repeatedly occur in the body that affect how a person feels. The software attempts to calculate a user’s biorhythms in the attempt to successfully allow the user to “read” them. This is meant to assist the user in the making of life decisions based on the cyclic pattern of biorhythms calculated by the program. These biorhythms can cover any and all aspects of life and the program attempts to streamline these to assist the user.

The program features biorhythmic calculators for intellectual, physical, and emotional charts. This tracks the user’s overall wellbeing, from the inside to the outside. Other charts for Passion, Wisdom and Mastery are also displayed by the program. “I-ching” charts for Aesthetic, Spiritual, and Awareness are also shown. There is also a love compatibility test which allows users to check and assess their relationships in order to make the proper decisions for them. A personal forecast is available to warn users beforehand of what is to come for both good and bad things. Users can also have the program print a monthly biorhythm calendar.  

Other features of the program include:
• Biorhythmic Matching
• Celebrity Database
• An easy-to-use interface