Native Instruments Traktor DJ Studio 3

Native Instruments Software Synthesis GmbH (Shareware)

Native Instruments’ Traktor DJ Studio 3 is the third iteration of the suite of programs that allow users to extensively edit music to create remixes and custom songs. Also known as Traktor 3, the package provides a user-friendly set of DJing tools that also comes with some of NI’s related hardware. Traktor offers many practical features that the novice and professional DJ can use, including a wide array of effects, seamless looping, track categorization by beat, beat detection, and automatic track synchronization. The suite also features key detection, 4-channel mixing, filters, equalization, track management, and compatibility with portable music players such as the iPod.

Traktor DJ Studio 3 also has a number of advanced features. Among them are gain control, the support of external and internal audio input via an integrated recorder, and MIDI support. In detail, here are more of the program’s innovative features:

• Instant Track Copying and Synchronization – permits real-time song remixing with the addition of loops and effects for complex track manipulation. The duplication of a track currently playing on one deck allows this. Faders and loops may be used and integrated.
• Enhanced Deck Caching – for new remixing options. Tracks may also be directly loaded into the computer’s memory for more efficient cueing and looping.