Native Instruments Traktor Audio 2 Control Panel

Native Instruments GmbH (Proprietary)

Native Instruments Traktor Audio 2 Control Panel is a software application that serves as a component for devices manufactured by Native Instruments. Additionally, many software applications developed by the company, such as Traktor Audio 2, also use the Control Panel interface. The component allows users to configure their NI-enhanced devices and customize the input/output configurations used in "piping" audio loops from one device to another (e.g. data from a DJ controller is properly sent to a linked laptop that has the control panel installed).

The Control Panel component is bundled with Traktor Audio 2, which consists of two main parts: the device and the applications associated with the hardware. The device itself is a portable soundcard designed for disc jockeys and users who wish to compose audio tracks in conjunction with various tools such as external mixers, headphones, and turntables, to name a few. The software application that comes bundled with the device, meanwhile, serves as a "command center" for mixing tracks and other audio files coming from external input devices like turntables as well as music from a user's computer.

The Control Center, therefore, is accessed by opening the software application. Using the component, users can configure settings that are vital for fine-grained customization of mixes and loops. These configurations include the ability to set the latency, mix audio input from both prerecorded music and streaming audio from live performances. The latest release of the software is currently on version 10.