Native Instruments Reaktor5 5

Native Instruments GmbH (Shareware)

Native Instruments Reaktor5 is a modular music studio application for sound engineers, musicians, and other audio specialists to design and create their own songs, effects, sound samplers, and sound design tools. With a supply of many ready-to-use effects and instruments (effects that mimic the sounds of classic synthesizers and innovative sound tools), the user can create objects (samplers, synths, delay effects, musical stingers, etc.) by defining the parameters, and linking them together. With over 3000 free instruments that can be downloaded from the User Library, the user can quickly load up the modules, create, and play back his creation in a few minutes.

Native Instruments Reaktor5 has a library of more than 20 instruments. Its samplers can produce a wide range of sequenced instruments to create dynamic rhythms, melodies, sequences, and other sound clips, either conventional or out and out creations. With its open engine architecture, the program can produce an unlimited range of sound and music.

Within the program’s patcher window, the user can navigate the inner structure, where factory- shipped objects are accessible and can be edited, and new objects are created fast. Users can also generate their own GUI to provide more dynamic control to their system, including the look and feel of their instruments.