Native Instruments Massive

Native Instruments GmbH (Shareware)

Native Instruments Massive is a software synthesizer based on wavetable synthesis. A software synthesizer is a type of program/plug-in specifically designed for digital audio generation. It allows users to create music or sounds without the need for a hardware. The program features macro controls used for controlling generated sounds. These controllers have mapped and preconfigured sound parameters for instant music generation. It also offers several types of filters including 2x lowpass and highpass, allpass, bandpass and bandreject, comb filter, and others.

Here are other features offered by Native Instruments Massive:

• Effects – The program includes a variety of master effects. It includes two effect slots, which enables users to utilize two master effects consecutively. There is also an equalizer that can be activated anytime. Each of the available effects offer up to four specific parameters, which can be configured based on user preference.
• Routing features – The program’s structure is based on the subtractive synthesis paradigm. This allows users to easily understand the program while making sure high flexibility of signal flow. This paradigm also allows users to put two effects at different locations within the signal flow.
• Framework Configuration – The application also includes a different global settings page, which enables different parameters to be configured. It includes the keytracking pages map, voicing page, unison, and more.
• Modulation Sources – Massive also include different types of modulation sources, which can be assigned to any parameter. It also includes two step sequencer modes.
• Library – The program includes more than 1,300 sounds that can be used instantly.