Native Instruments Kontakt 5

Native Instruments GmbH (Shareware)

Native Instruments Kontakt 5 is an audio sampler that offers studio effects, instruments, and filters. The program comes with eight instrument collections including choir, world, vintage, urban beats, band, etc. All in all, the software provides musicians with thousands of instrumental samples that amount to over 43 Gb. The sound samples are customizable. This enables users to experiment with different tracks, create new tracks from the samples, and come up with unique songs. The filters included are low and high pass, band pass, multi filters, and effect filters.

The program has a straightforward interface that makes it easy for beginners and advanced musicians to use. Some of the editing tasks that can be done with the program include loop, slice, and tweak the tempo, and pitch.

Native Instruments Kontakt 5 comes with an additional program called Retro Machines MK2. This program comes with 16 different analog keyboards and synthesizers that were popular during the 1970s to the 1980s. This allows the users to come up with analog sounds without having to use expensive vintage instruments.

In addition to all the sound samples included in the program, users can also download other sample packages to use with Native Instruments Kontakt 5.