Native Instruments Absynth 4

Native Instruments GmbH (Proprietary)

Native Instrument Absynth is a software primarily used for the synthesizing sound. Most of its outputs take the form of common organic and evolving sounds. It is featured with a limitless spectrum of sounds that is created by its hybrid synthesis architecture. It has a sophisticated effect and modulation system that has the ability to create sounds far removed from what people hear everyday. Aside from being a synthesizer, this program can also be used as a plug-in for effects. This special feature for treating audio tracks can be utilized through the Abysynth effects bank. Subtractive synthesis, granular sampling, and wave-morphing are among its sound generating methods. The animation of sound is made possible with its 68-stage envelope control. Its hybrid architecture is characterized with a semi-modular signal flow and three oscillator channels.

Other features of the Native Instrument Absynth are Sound Mutators and KoreSound Browser. Sound Mutators is used for creating fresh sounds by mutating the available ones. Meanwhile, the KoreSound Browser facilitates the search and organization of 1,800 sound and effects settings available in the software. The application also has the ability to animate individual sound components, as well as 3D sounds. Its filters and effects sections has special tools such as Cloud Filter, Aetherizer and Supercomb. WAV and AIFF outputs are supported by Absynth.