Natata eBook Compiler 2.1

NATATA Software (Shareware)

Natata eBook Compiler is an application that allows users to compile files to be viewed in eBook viewer applications. It supports different file formats, such as JavaScript, MID, JPG, CSS, HTML, GIF, TXT, and many others. The application is portable, which means that it can be saved in USB flash drive and used on other systems. It does not need to be installed in a computer in order for it to work. The application has a simple user interface, which is useful for both novice and advanced computer users. It also provides step by step instructions that take users throughout the process of creating packaged files.

The main interface is divided into different sections that are represented by tabs. Some of them include General info, Project Files, Navigation, Security, Toolbar, and many others. Key features of the program are as follows:

• Security – The program comes with some security tools that allow users to add passwords to protect eBooks and compressed files. It also comes with a Password Generator for creating passwords that are not easy to crack.
• Customizable – The application gives users complete freedom over the appearance of the publication created.
• Expiration – The program also supports expiration. Users can set the publication to expire after a specified time or after it has been viewed a number of times.