Napster (Shareware)

Napster is an audio peer-to-peer file sharing application first released in 1999. Napster was originally a peer-to-peer client mainly used for transferring music until it was acquired by Rhapsody in 2011. Since the Rhapsody acquisition, Napster has become a subscription-based music service. This service comes with a software client that allows users to download mp3s straight from the computer.

Aside from downloading music, Napster can also be used for playing and managing music files. It has a built-in player, which can be used to playback downloaded files. Users can also manage music in the music library where they can view tracks by artist or genre. There is also an option to create a playlist. Importing music from the local hard drive is possible as well. There is also an area to check the status of all downloaded files. Aside from this, Napster also offers a built-in burner, which can be used to burn downloaded music to a CD or DVD.

The program’s interface is intuitive. It is composed of three sections. The first section is My Napster section, where users can access, manage, and view downloaded tracks. It is also where users can access the Napster Radio as well as manage different devices. The middle section of the program shows the list of tracks while the last section shows the track being played. There is also a drag-and-drop section where users can transfer files for playback.