Napoleon: Total War

The Creative Assembly Ltd (Shareware)

Napoleon: Total War is a video game that is part of the series of Total War games which was officially released last February 23, 2010. In this game, the player takes the role of either Napoleon Bonaparte or one of his archenemies.

The game consists of two types of gameplay – Turn-Based Geopolitical Campaign and Real-Time Tactical Battles. In the Turn-Based Geopolitical Campaign gameplay, players are tasked to build different types of structures. These structures are used for researching technologies, creating a source of income, sending agents on missions, commanding armies, and more. The other type of gameplay involves the player commanding a large army for battle.

There are two game modes as well – Single player and Multiplayer modes. The Single player mode consists of four campaigns. Two of these campaigns follow the early military career of Napoleon (i.e. Italian campaign and French Invasion of Egypt). The other two campaigns are the Campaigns of the Coalition and the Mastery of Europe. The Multiplayer mode offers different game types such as multiplayer campaign mode, multiplayer drop-in battles, and others. Other multiplayer features include voice command utility, bonuses, and team achievements. The voice command utility enables the player to contact other players in the team. This feature is supported via Steam.