NanoStudio 1.42

Blip Interactive Ltd (Freeware)

NanoStudio is a program that allows users to create music, just like in a real recording studio. The program can also be used for mixing audio files. It comes with a set of tools that makes the process of creating music easier. A keyboard layout enables users to compose or play existing music with the application. A knob for the pitch and the sound FX are also available on the piano interface.

When mixing music, knobs and sliders can be utilized in order to change the settings. There are various configurations included as well including ratio, attack, release, output, threshold, and many others. One of the main features of the program is Eden Synth. It consists of different baselines and distorted leads that give users freedom to come up with unique sounds and mixes.

Here are the other features of the NanoStudio application:

• Supports different kinds of devices, such as iPod, iPhone, and iPod
• Supports using six different instruments all at the same time
• Comes with a mixer that can support up to 48 stereo inputs
• Has a song and pattern arranger that makes it easier to compose new music
• Users can edit and make changes to the music while it is playing