NANO AntiVirus

NANO Security (Freeware)

NANO AntiVirus is an application that protects a computer against trojans (macro, script, and binary), ransomware, winlockers, worms, viruses, and other types of malware. The program protects a computer system in real-time.

Whenever a user tries to access a file in the system, automatic scanning of that file is already being done by the program. A web-traffic scanner function checks all Internet downloaded files which prevents infections from one’s computer. Scans may be accelerated by specifying safe objects and placing them on a trusted area that exempts them from scans. Infected and suspicious objects on the other hand are designated in the program’s quarantine folder.  They are kept there for additional analysis and safe keeping. The application also protects a computer from polymorphic and encrypted malicious software variants. The program’s virus database is constantly being updated. Custom updates and scan tasks can also be created by the application. Other program features include heuristic analysis, extended unpacking support, interface options, mail traffic enhanced scanning, GUI entry fields contextual menu, and a File Guard facility, among others. Compacted files are also supported in order to locate malware in different kinds of archives. The computer system’s behavior is also analyzed and reviewed by the program to detect new malware types. Periodic tasks can also be specified by users to update and test the program’s settings.