Nanny Mania

ToyBox Games (Proprietary)

Nanny Mania is a challenging game of organization, management, and patience.  Players take on the role of a nanny who manages a small household, with a couple and their child to watch over.  It might sound easy, but as the game progresses, so does responsibility.  Not only do gamers take care of the baby, but they also have to clean up, do the cooking, wash the laundry, and do the other chores that need to be done throughout the day in order to keep the home in tip-top shape and prevent it from turning into utter chaos.

With 150 levels, Nanny Mania will surely keep players on their toes.  They can choose from three characters, but whoever players choose, the aim is to get a perfect score in performing their domestic duties.

Nanny Mania starts off simply – by clicking on highlighted objects inside the house to clean them up.  Some chores take several steps, however, and gamers need to master them in order to be efficient.  Other chores also take a bit of time to accomplish, such as doing the laundry, and players would do well to use this waiting time to do other duties.  

At the end of their work day, players will see their score, their time, their bonus points, as well as the day’s entry in their virtual journal.