Nanny 911

Merscom (Shareware)

Nanny 911 is a time management game in which players assume the role of a nanny tasked to help and educate distressed parents on properly taking care of their children. Players can choose from three available nannies and three difficulty levels. Players are given seven days with which to show parents the mistakes they are making when it comes to taking care of and raising their children properly. By doing so, they can also help the parents solve their household problems, such as who gets to do the dishes.

Each level is broken down into a day shift and a night shift, and each shift entails different tasks. These tasks include tidying up toys, cleaning the house, and changing the baby’s diapers. Each level has a unique objective that must be accomplished before being able to move on to the next.

Players will provide their services to five homes in chaos. There are also specific goals for fathers and for mothers. At the end of every level, the head nanny of the game will grade the players based on how fast they are able to finish the level’s objective. Aside from their nanny duties, players will also play match-3 games in the middle of the week.