Nannoid 1.0

Imitation Pickles (Freeware)

Nannoid is a computer video game that is based on the classic arcade video game entitled Arkanoid. This game was first released in 2005. In this game, players must get rid of all of the colored bars that are arranged on the game screen. To do this, users must bounce a ball with a movable paddle that is located at the bottom part of the window. When the ball bounces off the bars, they are eliminated from the screen. The aim of the game is to remove all the colored bars without the ball bouncing off the screen.

The game consists of more than 20 levels, each with the different colored bars arranged in a variety of ways. The player’s score is displayed on the upper portion of the window. As the levels get higher, the game gets more difficult. There will be enemies floating around the game screen that must be eliminated. Eliminating them rewards the player with higher points. Additionally, players can get power ups that can help them win the game more easily. The game also comes with a comprehensive help file where users can read about the rules of the game and how to play it.