NagaSkaki Chess 5.12

Mayothi (Freeware)

Developed by Mayothi, NagaSkaki chess is a freeware chess game for Microsoft Windows. It is a straightforward, fully featured chess game. It has a very simple to understand interface. It gives the player unlimited opportunities to play against the computer. There is so much more to playing against the computer, however, as many users will find out almost as soon as they open the game. Players will find that improving their game will be easier than they expect with this extremely light chess program.

NagaSkaki Chess’ difficulty level can easily be adjusted by players to suit their particular skill levels. This makes it friendly for novices, casual players, enthusiasts, and basically any type of chess player to create the perfectly balanced AI for them to play against. The game features more than one “personality” built in. This means that players can choose to battle different “players” with different personas and playing style. Each of the personalities has a different rating and different difficulty level. Players can just select the ones that they feel would suit their needs and start a new game.

Other features of the game include:
• Shows the player the best move
• Player position evaluation
• Various difficulty levels and AI personalities to battle against
• Chess Clocks