n-Track Studio 6 7.0.3 Build 3092

FASoft (Shareware)

n-Track Studio is an application for recording audio and MIDI files. The application supports importing and exporting of different audio file formats including AIFF, FLAC, OGG, WMA, MP3, and many others. The command buttons and menus are placed on the top portion of the main window. The main area has several tracks and controls. Track settings can be changed on the right side of the window.

Here are the features of the n-Track Studio program:

• Programmable Effects – The application allows users to program effects to mixes. This includes automatically adding crossfades, volume, and panning.
• Several Built-in Effects – The application comes with several effects including chorus, pitch shift, compression, reverb, and many others.
• Video Support – The application allows users to create mixes to accompany videos. The playback window can be used when synchronizing the audio to the video.
• Support for Plug-ins – n-Track Studio can be used with plug-ins, such as ReWire, DirectX, and VST
• Support for Multiple Soundcards – The application can support several soundcards, allowing users to record several tracks all at the same time.

n-Track Studio has a built-in disc burner. After creating a project, users can automatically burn a copy of the project to an audio disc.