Mz Ultimate Cleaner

Mz Ultimate Tools (Freeware)

Mz Ultimate Cleaner is a program that is used for removing junk and unnecessary files. It is particularly useful for eliminating temporary as well as unused files from the computer system. This enables the system to load programs and perform functions faster and more efficiently. Engineered to locate and clear the computer of useless files, it consists of a scanning algorithm mechanism that rapidly scans the system in less than 30 seconds. Upon completing its scanning and decluttering operations, it frees up hard disk space, resulting in a marked improvement in performance and a reduction of system slowdowns and crashes.

This application accomplishes its function by managing the files and data resulting from Internet activity, such as cookies, history of accessed sites, temporary files, DNS cache, and recently-used Windows files. Mz Ultimate Cleaner can be configured to search for files that contain a particular attribute. The application can then be set to delete the found files permanently or simply have them moved to the Recycle Bin, or to any other location.

The program may be updated from time to time through online support. This application makes use of moderate system resources and is not known to cause computer breakdowns and display errors.