Mz StartUp Manager

Mz Ultimate Tools (Freeware)

Mz StartUp Manager is a utility for Windows-based computers. It is developed to provide assistance to users in configuring computer’s startup process. With this tool, users will be able to control and track programs that automatically run during system startup. It allows users to add, enable, disable, or remove programs that are considered “Autoruns”. Most of the time, “Autoruns” are unwanted applications. This is because they slow down the startup process of the computer.

This application is designed to solve the problem of slow Windows startup. Users can simply click the buttons to set what they want to do with the programs they want to disable or delete. In addition, users may also add startup applications, and enable these any time when necesary.

Mz StartUp Manager is created with a simple-to-use interface. Users can rely on the main panel of this program to select and control settings. The major option is “Task”, which includes the buttons “Enable Selected”, “Disable Selected”, and “Delete Selected”. Other than those, users may click on other options, such as “Refresh StartUp List”, “Run Now”, “Open Folder”, “File Properties”, and “Google it!”. On the right side of the screen or panel, the names of programs with their location or path are also displayed. This makes it easier for users to determine which programs to select.