Mz Registry Backup

Mz Ultimate Tools (Freeware)

Mz Registry Backup is an application that allows users to automatically or manually back up and enable restore functions for their system registry. The application allows for a complete or a custom registry backup performance. Registry backups compress the files, generating more disk space. A full backup usually frees up to 10MB of such space. To create a backup, the user merely has to designate a name for the backup file. Once the file has been created, it is possible for the user to bring back a previous version.

A key aspect of the program is its backup scheduling feature. With this function, the user can make the program create backups of the system data automatically by setting a backup schedule. The user can specify whether the program conducts the backup operations on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Users can also set a particular date for creating backups. Another notable feature of Mz Registry Backup is that it automatically restores the registry to a previous setting when the computer does not run as it is supposed to after the user installs or uninstalls an application.

Mz Registry Backup functions using a moderate amount of the CPU’s power and system memory.  It has a simple but intuitive interface, making it easy to use and manage.