Mz CPU Accelerator 4.1

Mz Ultimate Tools (Freeware)

Mz CPU Accelerator, developed by Michael Zacharias of Mz Ultimate Tools, is a useful utility to help make computers run faster.  It has a user-friendly interface that makes it quite easy to manage, and also comes with themes so users can customize how it looks, depending on their personal preferences.

The application aims at making users make the most of their units.  It basically helps in focusing the computer’s resources towards the program currently in use, and reducing their use by other programs that tend to run in the background.  This makes the CPU run more efficiently, to the benefit of the user.

With Mz CPU Accelerator, users can view the program that is currently being optimized.  It also shows the total applications being accelerated, CPU usage, and the processor’s clock speed.  Moreover, it provides users with several options, including priority level, tray icon types, and more.

Mz CPU Accelerator offers the advantage of making the computer run more efficiently.  Not only does it help users in putting their units’ resources where and when they need it, optimizing the programs that are currently or always in use, but it also has the option of letting users choose programs that they do not want optimized using the exclusion list.