myZOOM 1.8.36

Testerhook (Freeware)

myZoom is an application that allows No$GBA to have an enlarged screen. No$GBA is an emulator for running Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance games on the computer. No$GBA has the ability to display Game Boy Advance games in full screen. However, it does not have the ability to do the same when running Nintendo DS games. With the myZoom plugin, No$GBA has the ability to enlarge the game's display. The Nintendo DS has 2 screens that are on top of each other. There are a variety of ways to change the game's screen display. First, there is the option to display the Nintendo DS game in just one screen. Changing the display to just a single screen connects the two screens together. Additionally, the software allows displaying the game in full screen. There are different combination choices when it comes to screen resizing and the choice of single or dual screens.

No$GBA usually encloses the Nintendo DS game in its own window (or border). myZoom enables the ability to remove the border. Also, the graphics can be filtered, allowing the game to be displayed in higher video quality. The application is also capable of adjusting the game's framerate. Framerate is the number of images that are displayed on the screen per second. The settings specified can be saved, allowing the program to remember the settings the next time the user loads the application.