Egis Technology Inc. (Shareware)

MyWinLocker is an encryption application that allows a user to take control of privacy. It protects files by placing them in an encrypted folder. The encryption technology used on this application is the same technology used by the FBI and the Department of Defense. The program also features a virtual disk called Yo-Safe. Yo-Safe cannot be accessed by just anyone using the computer. A master password must be provided in order to access the files inside. Users also have the option to encrypt a batch of files in just one click using the Batch Mode File Encryption feature.

MyWinLocker comes with a sidebar gadget for easy encryption of files. Files can be dragged and dropped on the sidebar gadget for instant encryption. The sidebar gadget can also be used to place files inside Yo-Safe. Users can also encrypt files just by right clicking on the file and selecting the option from the drop down menu. This is possible as the program has a design that is integrated with Windows once the application is installed on the computer.

All the encrypted files in the computer can be accessed with one master password. Users can create their own password hint that can be used as a reminder in case the master password is forgotten.