MyWinLocker 4

Egis Technology Inc. (Shareware)

MyWinLocker 4 is an encryption application that allows users to store important data security on their computers. The program can also be used by novice computer users, since it has a setup wizard that makes the setup process easy. There are two ways to access the program. Users can right-click a file or folder and create a password, or manage files through the main interface.

Once the program is installed in the computer, the setup wizard will launch. Keeping files safe can be done in three steps. First, a master password must be created. Second, a PSD (Personal Secure Disk) will be setup on the computer. Lastly, the Master Password will be backed up to the system. When securing files, users have the option to encrypt using the Master Password or a different password. Files can be added to the PSD by simply dragging and dropping.

The user has total control over the PSD feature of the program. There are a few options to configure on PSD. These are auto-close idle protection, physical disk drive to use, and the capacity. The PSD tab on the software’s window also shows the PSD space that is already used. Users can change these settings anytime.