MyViewPad 4.1.0 Build 16212

fCoder Group Inc (Freeware)

My ViewPad is a program that views the contents of image files. It supports many raster and vector graphics file formats (JPG, BMP, TIF, PNG, TIFF and TGA, to name a few). The application can actually read over 80 different formats and can write into 25 formats as well. The images may be downloaded or transferred from cameras or scanners (with TWAIN interface), while also supporting scanning of several images and multi-threading for optimum performance. The program’s interface is clear for either beginners or advanced users and works using either the file browser or the “drag and drop” function. Images can be previewed when a file is open. This allows users to see the image in full screen.

My ViewPad provides the user many options for image editing including color manipulation (contrast, brightness, and color levels). Other effects may be added, too including sharpen, blur, and image filters. The program has an undo function that allows users to revert back to the previous step in the event that the applied change is not wanted. The user can check out common image data (file path, type, size, and date of last modification) and make adjustments accordingly (crop, rotate, color correct, flip, scale , etc). The user can also set the program to load the last image at startup.