MyTraffic (Proprietary)

MyTraffic_Manager is the integrated interface component that comes with airline traffic simulation game, MyTraffic, developed by Aerosoft. Also known as MyTraffic Configuration in various simulator versions, this component is available by accessing the program's start menu.

The main function of MyTraffic_Manager is configuring MyTraffic settings that customize the simulator according to user’s preferences. This makes the whole scene simulation easy to control and more playable.

One of its important functions is installing customizations on aircraft models and airports that suit each flight scene. MyTraffic comes with a long list of aircraft designs for users who want to completely customize the planes as they guide them to the airport. The airport can also be customized by installing high-end graphics support for crisper interface while playing.

Aside from customizing the entire interface, the Manager is also the main component to look for in optimizing performance. Moving aircrafts and high-end background graphics affect computer’s performance and the entire gameplay. It lets users restore previous configurations that are known to have better performance than the current setting. Whether it uses default settings or other special settings, this platform ensures the best performance at all times.

MyTraffic_Manager is also capable of disabling FSX default configurations in rebuilding sceneries and flight schedules. Configurations are saved in the My Traffic folder, making it accessible whenever the player wants to personalize the game’s settings.