MyTraffic (Proprietary)

MyTraffic_Communicator is an add-on exclusively found in MyTraffic downloadable versions developed by Aerosoft. MyTraffic is an aircraft traffic simulation program available through DVD or direct download online. Communicator works efficiently in promoting enhanced functionality for the simulation game.

MyTraffic_Communicator serves as an updater for the downloaded MyTraffic version. It will initialize together with the program to apply the latest updates from the developer. Internet connection is required to run this add-on and start downloading updates automatically for daily use. This is the way for users to receive updates from the developer.

The updater gives users access to the latest data utilized in global airline industry. Through subscription, players can get updated air traffic reports that can be applied on the game for a more realistic simulation. Aside from traffic reports, other updates include equipment changes on prominent aircrafts, flight delays, cancellation and others are useful data that promote a more enjoyable traffic control experience.

This component works with DotNet 3.5, which permits MyTraffic_Communicator to work properly. It should work immediately as long as this DotNet version is available. Updating the installed DotNet may fix the problem in case the Communicator fails to work. Updates downloaded vary in file size with some ranging from 400 megabytes or less.