MyTraffic (Proprietary)

MyTrafficBoard is an exclusive add-on developed by Simmarket. This update comes with the MyTraffic X Simmarket edition. Players who have other versions such as boxed MyTraffic X and others can obtain this add on through the MyTraffic X 5.1b update. Using this add-on requires the latest MyTraffic Communicator installed on the computer in order for it to work. This version is also the predecessor of the currently famous Super Traffic Board offered by the same developer.

MyTrafficBoard lets virtual spotters see arriving and departing aircraft conveniently. It displays all the aircraft information operating during simulation. Data presented include Passenger, Military, Cargo, and GA operations in their specific interpretation on board. The add-on allows players to see any aircraft within the flight simulator with a simple click. Users can choose an aircraft and see all the necessary information that describes the selected plane.

The interactive user interface is customizable, allowing gamers to set the display according to their preferences. The interface also includes support for numerous airport and airline logos used in the game. Other information like flight details and others are displayed on the interface and ready for the next action.

MyTrafficBoard can be used in all AI packages. This gives way to easy configuration on departing planes, real time runway allocation setting, and a lot more. Using the traffic board also helps players to chase after an AI aircraft, which is necessary if players want to fly escort with the chosen plane.