TomTom (Freeware)

The MyTomTom program is an application that is used for TomTom navigation devices. MyTomTom provides the latest updates that are available for the navigation device. It supports several devices including VIA series, GO LIVE series, Sony XNV, TomTom Connect and many more. With the software, TomTom users are sure to have the latest maps. There are regular releases for new maps and new TomTom users can get the latest map for free if entitled to the Latest Map Guarantee.

Aside from providing the latest maps, MyTomTom also allows users to download and install voices for the GPS device. There are three types of voices available for download – standard, computer, and premium. Standard voices are those that are pre-installed in the device, computer voices are those that user text-to-speed technology, and premium voices are those that are recorded by celebrities. Premium voices can be downloaded for a fee.

The MyTomTom application can also be used for personalization. Users can change color schemes, warming sounds, and community voices, as well as add POI (points-of-interest) sets, set shutdown and start-up images, and add or remove car symbols. The TomTom GPS device must be registered on the website to get the benefits, such as software updates, special offers, and Free Daily Map Changes.