Mythic Pearls - The Legend of Tirnanog

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Mythic Pearls – The Legend of Tirnanog is a game in the match-3 genre. In this game, players are taken to the land of Tirnanog, where they must shoot matches of three balls of the same color in order to eliminate them from the game screen. A line of different colored balls comes out from a trail and users can manipulate the canon in order to make matches of three. The goal is to eliminate the string of balls before the end gets to the hole at the end of the path.

Players get to travel to different locations in Tirnanog. There are several levels to complete in one location before the player can move on to the next. The level get more difficult as users progress in the game. Once in a while, power ups appear on the balls and users can acquire them by making a match of three with the ball containing the power up. These power ups help users win the game more easily. The game is easy to navigate, as users only need the mouse button in order to match the balls. Each level is also accompanied by a soundtrack that makes the game even more exciting for users to play.