MysticThumbs 3.1.0

MysticCoder (Shareware)

MysticThumbs is a utility that is used to generate thumbnails of images in file formats that are not natively supported by Windows. With this utility, thumbnail images of RAW and Photoshop files, as well as game textures on the DirectX platform can be viewed directly from Windows Explorer without having to run another application. Users can adjust the thumbnail generation settings from the control panel as well as the shell context menu function; they can choose to view the thumbnails for each file type in different sizes and add also add or remove transparency.

This utility allows users to configure all of the supported file types for viewing. It also helps users view small image files by generating full-size thumbnails, even if the image is smaller. MysticThumbs also has support for compound files such as HTML, EML, or Maya files that contain multiple files. In addition, it can display WAV files as a waveform.

MysticThumbs also provides users with a better viewing experience when viewing image types that are supported by Windows. This program can be set to override the default Windows image viewer so users can apply the program’s features such as transparency to the Windows-supported file types such as PNG, TIFF, and JPEG.