Mysteryville 1

NevoSoft Inc. (Shareware)

Mysteryville is a hide-and-seek type of game developed by the company, NevoSoft. The object of the game is finding a series of objects buried in various rooms in order to progress to higher levels. The player takes on the role of Laura Winner, a driven journalist who works at Countryside Life Magazine. Coincidentally, the town’s cats start vanishing as soon as Laura arrives at Mysteryville, and she proceeds to investigate this strange occurrence. As Laura goes around town, she interviews the residents and gets clues that will help her solve the mystery of the missing cats.

The player’s main tasks include finding a list of items in the townspeople’s homes as well as solving various puzzles. Some of the main locations featured in the game are a laboratory, canteen, airport, museum, and police station to name a few. In some instances, the player has to locate missing items in the dark, making the task even more challenging. The player must avoid clicking randomly as it will result in a penalty. Some tasks involve themed items, and others are just randomly grouped together. The fact that bits of the story unfold every time the player completes a level provides enough intrigue to motivate the player to perform well.