Mysteryville 2

Gamehouse (Shareware)

Mysteryville 2 is a mystery hidden object game (HOG) where players must solve the mystery. Players assume the role of Laura who has gone to vacation in Eurekaberg. Laura arrives to find his friend named Bill missing. Players must visit different locations and search for items that are hidden within a scene. Silhouettes of missing items can be seen on the left panel of the game screen. Object are removed once they have been found. In some scenes, players are given a list of items instead of displaying the silhouettes of objects. Each scene has a time bar located at the upper portion of the window. Players must locate all the items in the scene before time runs out. As players visit more locations, more of the story is revealed.

Aside from the hidden object game, players also get the chance to play other games, such as puzzles, spot the difference, memory game, and many others. On a hidden object game, there is a hint system that users can utilize when stuck finding an item. There is an unlimited number of hints, but the hint button take a bit of time to recharge. The game features several levels with hundreds of items to find.