Mystery Trackers: The Void

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Mystery Trackers: The Void is a hidden object game developed by the company, Elephant Games. It is the first game in the Mystery Trackers series and follows the adventures of the Mystery Trackers organization, which is a secret agency that takes on a the case of a strange old mansion. Previously owned by the Void family, the mansion had been inherited by an odd doctor named Malleus Void. He was believed to work on bizarre experiments during his residence in the mansion, until Dr. Void disappears and the house is left uninhabited for a decade. Three celebrities, namely Jerald Springs, Kevin Sting, and Rebecca Thatcher mysteriously vanish in the mansion, so the Mystery Trackers are commissioned to investigate the case and solve it.

The player assumes the role of a Mystery Tracker detective whose job it is to find out what happened to the missing celebrities. Bits and pieces of the story are revealed in the form of journal entries, which appear in the course of the game. The player must explore various areas of the mansion to look for clues and relevant items. Completing the hidden object puzzles enables the player to keep one of the found items, which will come in handy as later in the game. The game offers a hint system that helps players locate the more challenging objects. Mini-games such as block puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, and lock picking are also available to the player.