Mystery P.I. - The Lottery Ticket

SpinTop Games (Shareware)

Mystery PI – The Lottery Ticket is a single-player hidden object puzzle game first released in 2007. It focuses on finding hidden objects. The game was developed by SpinTop Games and published by WildTangent, Inc. In this game, the player is tasked to help the grandma Rose in finding the lost winning lottery ticket. If successful, the player receives 10% of the total lottery prize.

The game follows the same gameplay as the other Mystery PI games with the player taking the role of famous private investigator. The player is required to find the missing lottery ticket within 12 hours. The player must discover clues from 20 different locations. On each location, a list of hidden items will be provided. After finding all the hidden items, the player must solve the memory puzzle game in order to reveal the clue. All 20 locations have their own puzzles at the end. The player is given only 12 hours to find all clues and solve the mystery. If the player is able to complete this within the allotted time, he will be given bonus points. The game also features P.I. rankings. The faster the player solves the mystery, the higher the P.I. ranking. Aside from hidden objects, players can also unlock the Unlimited Find & Seek mini game mode by finding all 20 keys in 20 locations.