Mystery Of Unicorn Castle 1.007 (Shareware)

Mystery of Unicorn Castle is a hidden object game set in Unicorn Castle. Players take the role of Jane Morion, a girl who gets a letter regarding the bequest of a family castle. Upon arriving at the destination, Jane learns that she is not the only one who received the letter. Lord Morion, the sender of the letter, explains that only one person will get Unicorn Castle. The goal is to look for the heart of the castle.

This hidden object game offers five different ways of looking for an object:

• List – In this mode, players are given a list of items to look in a location. Items found are crossed out from the list.
• Silhouette – For this hidden object game, the silhouette of the object is displayed on the screen and users must look for objects by using the shape of silhouettes as a guide.
• Spot the Difference – The next type is spot the difference, wherein the player has to look for the object by comparing two scenes.
• Pairs – In this game mode, players must find pairs of an object.
• Clean a Room – In the last game mode, players must remove all items that do not belong in the room.