Mystery Novel

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Mystery Novel is a hidden object adventure game with a mystery-laden plot. The story starts during the ribbon-cutting ceremony of a newly-constructed prison. There are many distinguished guests in attendance, including City Mayor Lambert, who has been given the honor to cut the ribbon to officially inaugurate that facility. He was about to do so when he suddenly dropped down to the ground, the victim of an assassination. Police officials immediately secured the area and found the killer. The killer is sentenced to death by electric chair. During the killer’s execution, a fire spread all over the prison, burning the building to the ground. No one knows how it happened, and this is where the player comes in.

Players assume the role of Michael, the local newspaper’s crime editor. Michael is tasked to investigate the circumstances behind the event. Michael will soon be immersed in a mysterious case, and encounter an ancient medallion that holds a powerful secret. To discover the truth, Michael must go to the prison and other locations to look for clues.

The game provides players with a list of items to look for in a scene. There are crucial items to be found that will help players later on in solving the game’s puzzles. The collected items are placed in an inventory that players can access as needed.