Mystery Case Files®: Dire Grove™ Collector's Edition

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove™ Collector's Edition is an adventure game that requires the player to find missing objects. A featured highlight of this edition is the deluxe strategy guide which contains wallpapers, screenshots, unique concept art and video outtakes previously unseen. The guide is integrated into the Collector's Edition. Another new feature in this edition is the revamped Challenge and Achievement system.

This exciting interactive puzzle video game tells the tale of missing graduate students and it is the sixth installment of the series from Big Fish Studios and Big Fish Games. The game is set in the Dire Grove resort. This game stands out from other hidden object games such that players of this Collector's Edition have to find objects that continuous change shape. There are about 50 items in all that need to be found.

This Collector's Edition of Dire Grove does not feature stages. Instead the puzzles are woven into the flow of the quest that the player embarks on. It presents players with ample challenges as they move from one room to the next in search for hidden objects. This game by Big Fish Games features bonus puzzles and levels. The secrets that will be revealed when the bonus game play are solved will prove to be important details useful in tackling other Mystery Case File episodes.