Mystery Case Files: Prime Suspects ™

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Mystery Case Files: Prime Suspects ™ is an adventure and puzzle game developed and published by Big Fish. The sequel to Mystery Case Files: Huntsville and, this game is set in a place called Capital City where the world’s largest diamond known as the Queen’s Hope has disappeared. It was initially showcased in Sparkle Daze, which is a yearly mineral convention held at the city’s Plaza Gallery. There are 20 main suspects and the player assumes the role of an investigator who must find out where each of them were when the theft happened. The list will be gradually trimmed down as the game progresses, until the player is left with the actual suspects.

Each level features one suspect, and the player must explore 29 different locations around the city to find hidden objects listed in an inventory. These items will provide the player with critical clues as to where each of the suspects was when the crime occurred. Upon collecting the required number of objects for each suspect, the player can try out the Crime Computer, which comes with several mini-games that complete the level. These games include slider puzzles, memory games, and word jumbler among others. Once a mini-game is successfully completed, a photo clue is revealed to help the player get closer to the truth.