Mysteries of Horus

Alawar Games (Shareware)

Mysteries of Horus is a game in the Match-3 genre. Players have to be quick in order to collect three or more similar jewels in the moving rows. Horus is an Egyptian god who is believed to be the ruler and protector of Egypt, which explains the game’s Ancient Egyptian theme. The game has a colorful yet simple interface that makes the game easy to play.

To play the game, users must take a hieroglyphic symbol from the lower row of the gameplay area and place it in another row where it has a match. The rows are constantly moving so players must be fast to drop the symbol with its matching jewels. If a player fails to drop the symbol in time, the gods will be displeased. The player must make sure enough jewels are matched in order to increase the satisfaction level of the gods and consequently, the points gained. Upon achieving the target score, players will then be allowed to advance to the next level. There is a time limit in every level; if the target score is not reached within the set time, players lose a life. Each player is given three lives.

Mysteries of Horus contains 100 puzzle levels and 9 Egyptian gods to appease.