MySQL Workbench 5.2.47

Oracle Corporation (Freeware)

My SQL Workbench is an application that is primary focused on database management.  It is a modeling tool that is composed of SQL administration, development, and design. SQL Workbench is the successor of DBDesigner4 Project by Oracle.   It’s an integrated solution that caters to the needs of developers, data architects, and DBA for modeling, designing, and generating database.  The software has an organized interface that helps developers to perform SQL tasks all in one application.

The program is subdivided into three major sections. The first section is the design or data modeling section. This section equips users with the necessary tools to create reverse and forward engineering, and complicated ER models. The data modeling sections helps developers save time in doing complex tasks. The second is the development section.  This section provides a graphical tool that is used to optimize SQL and is composed of Database connection panel and Object Browser. The database connection panel is used to organize database connections. Different components of the database can be accessed through Object browser. The third section is the administration section. This section enables the user to check the database health, configure servers, and administer users. Users can view better visibility of one’s work by using the features of this section.