MySQL Query Browser

MySQL AB (Freeware)

MySQL Query Browser is a cross-platform application used for analyzing and querying data. It is particularly designed to access the contents of the MySQL database via a graphical interface. The program can be used in several ways such as creating/executing/editing queries, navigating the results sets via scrolling, browsing databases and query history, creating databases, editing connection profiles and more.

All of the programs functionalities are available in the program’s interface. The interface is divided into multiple categories – Query Toolbar, Advanced Toolbar, Result Area, Object Browser and Information Browser. The Query Toolbar is used for creating and executing queries. It consists of the query area, action buttons, navigation buttons and status indicator. The Advanced Toolbar provides several buttons for query management, transaction control and query building. All the query results are shown in the Results Area. The program also features the Object Browser section, which enables users to manage the history, databases and history. The last section, Information Browser, is used for looking up built-in function and managing queries containing parameters.

MySQL Query Browser also features the Table Editor, which is used for creating and modifying tables. This editor consists of three sections – Columns and Indices, Table Options and Advanced Options – that provide all the functionalities and tools for modifying and creating tables. Configuring the general program settings, connection profiles and others is also possible via the Options Dialog.