MySQL Migration Toolkit 5.3

Intelligent Converters (Shareware)

MySQL Migration Toolkit is a program package used for converting different types of data and schema sources to MySQL and vice versa. The program does not require any middleware application for it to convert properly. It also features command-line support that enables users to automate, schedule, and scrip the conversion process. The program supports different database systems including Sybase, Oracle, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and others.

MySQL Migration Toolkit includes several converters such as:

• Access-to-MySQL – This converter is used for migrating MS Access database to the MySQL server and vice versa.
• MySQL-to-MSSQL – This converter utility is used for migrating database to the MS SQL server and vice versa.
• MySQL-to-Oracle – Users can also migrate Oracle data back and forth to MySQL using this utility.
• MySQL-to-PostgreSQL – The program also supports the PostgreSQL server allowing users to transfer files from and to MySQL.
• DB2-to-MySQL – Support for IBM DB2 databases is also provided allowing users to migrate files from MySQL server to the IBM DB2 and vice versa.

MySQL Migration Toolkit can be customized via the Java runtime interface. Users can utilize Java to do custom schema and data transformations. Aside from this, the application also provides supports for agent-based data transfers.