MySQL Administator 1.1.9

MySQL AB (Freeware)

MySQL Administrator is a visual administration GUI that allows users to administer a MySQL environment. With this program, users can perform various administrative functions including managing/configuring/operating MySQL servers, performing backups, managing connections and users, and more.

Here are other features offered by MySQL Administrator:

• User Administration – The program can be used to perform user administration functions such as administering users, viewing user privilege information, granting user privilege, and more. With the graphical administration console, users can easily access MySQL’s privilege capabilities and user management.
• Dynamic Health Monitoring – This feature provides users an instant view into the MySQL environment’s health. It offers dynamic graphs that let users check the memory usage percentage, hit rates, connection usage, and even the SQL queries. The program’s interface features the Disk Health tab that offers an overview of the amount of tablespace, diskspace, and log files.
• MySQL Optimization – MySQL Administrator also lets users view and configure key parameters for optimizing the performance of MySQL. Its graphical-based environment can be used for fine-tuning and setting up advanced parameters.
• Disaster Prevention and Recovery – The program can also be used for creating backups and restoring the backup files. This allows users to prevent or fix possible data loss.
• Server Information – The program’s interface also features a server information section that offers basic information about the client and server.