MySpeed PC Lite Edition 3.0e

Visualware Inc. (Freeware)

MySpeed PC Lite is an application that allows users to monitor the connection speeds of the Internet. It consists of several tools that help novice and advanced computer users make the most out of their Internet connection. The program performs different types of speed tests and gives accurate results. The program’s main window has a panel on the left side where the different tests can be accessed (Application Speed, Capacity Speed, VoIP Quality, and Route Speed. The Overview window shows a summary of results. The main window is where users can perform all the tests by clicking on the “Run All Tests” button at the bottom part of the screen.

Most of the tests done by the application are displayed as charts and graphs, which makes them easier to understand. The detail log consists of the raw results of tests including the bytes that were transferred, the time it takes to finish the test, and the packet transfer in detail. The next time the user opens the application, past test results can be accessed from the main window by clicking on the lower right portion.

MySpeed PC Lite also comes with a comprehensive help file that helps beginners decipher the results of each test conducted by the application.