MyScript Stylus 2.6

Vision Objects (Freeware)

MyScript Stylus is a handwriting recognition software that can handle up to 29 languages for Windows and Mac OS-run devices. The application aims to facilitate text entry without the use of the keyboard. With its interactive input method, it converts the user’s natural handwriting into digital or computer-readable text in real time for use in emails, word processors, spread sheets, and so on. This program’s designers made it for finger or pen-based input devices including touchscreen computers, tablet PCs, interactive whiteboards, tablets, and digital pens.  

There are four writing modes allowed in MyScript Stylus. The Full Screen mode lets the user write on any part of the screen, while the Writing Pad mode requires the user to write only on the MyScript Stylus window. In the Character Pad mode, the user can write only one character for each box. This is useful for writing passwords, web and email addresses, as well as specific words. Once the words are written, the program automatically recognizes the input. When a recognized word does not match what the user has in mind, the word in question can be clicked once to reveal a list of alternatives for the user to choose from. The Virtual Keyboard mode involves the use of traditional keyboard shortcuts. The software does not seem to miss details—even gestures such as line breaks, character deletion, inserting spaces, and merging two words can be recognized.

Another striking feature of the application is its calculator module, which lets the user write simple to complex math equations. The symbols and digits written are converted into digital math texts. The program then calculates according to the equation to give the result.