myPhoneDesktop 1.8.4

jProductivity, LLC (Freeware)

myPhoneDesktop is a program that allows users to use Apple products (iPod, iPhone, or iPad) on the computer. This enables users to work using the keyboard instead of the device’s touchscreen. Users must have a myPhoneDesktop account in order to use the application. Here are the features of the myPhoneDesktop program:

• Transfer text, links to websites, phone numbers, SMS messages, images, and multimedia files to the Apple device
• Has a bookmarklet feature that enables users to transfer text or other content from different websites to the Apple device
• Has an icon on the system tray that allows users to send information or data to the Apple device anytime
• Users can control the dialing of local, international, and automatic phone numbers
• Automatically recognizes the content from the desktop

After the program is installed in the system, it places an icon directly on the system tray. After this, users can access the log-in window and change the settings for the application by right-clicking the program icon and choosing one of the options from the menu. The application’s desktop client may also be integrated with different programs, such as Microsoft Outlook, Google Chrome, Thunderbird, and many others. This program is simple and easy to use, even for novice computer users.