MYOB AccountRight

MYOB Technology Pty Ltd (Proprietary)

Anybody who has started and who owns a business, whether it be a large business or a small business, will tell other aspiring entrepreneurs of the importance of proper accounting in business. For small businesses, manual accounting might work. However, as the business grows, the tools used in running it will have to grow as well. In the digital age, manual accounting is now a thing of the past. Now with applications like MYOB AccountRight, which is designed, developed, and maintained by MYOB Technology, accounting is now easier and more accurate.

MYOB AccountRight is a powerful application made for only one thing: Accounting. Whenever something is given so much specialization, it becomes difficult to get a product that disappoints. With the use of MYOB AccountRight, business owners will have an extremely powerful set of accounting tools at their fingertips. Because of its subscription-type nature, it can help users keep themselves ahead of tax changes since it is constantly updated by MYOB Technology. The program is extremely flexible, allowing the end users to completely customize how they want their quotes, invoices, and purchase orders look. It allows easy job tracking. This allows the business owners to easily keep track of how much resources a project has used. Payroll and timesheet management has also been integrated into the program.