MyLanViewer 4.14

S.K. Software (Shareware)

MyLANViewer is a utility application that enables users to view information and manage their wireless network. This program is capable of scanning NetBIOS, Local Area Network, and Network IP addresses in the user’s computer. MyLANViewer allows users to view network information such as IP addresses, MAC addresses, NIC vendor, OS version, and shared folders of all devices and computers connected in their wireless network. MyLANViewer also displays the logged-on users connected to the network and other technical details about the connected devices. In addition to these, MyLANViewer provides tools that enable users to perform remote shutdown, wake-on LAN, lock workstation, log off, sleep, reboot, hibernate, and turn the power off. This program is also used to manage the connected devices by features that allow users to access or disable shared folders, terminate user sessions, display netstat information, detect rogue DCHP servers, and display notifications about the state of connected computers. MyLANViewer is capable of monitoring all active and hidden devices connected to a user’s network.

MyLANViewer features a simple user interface that has three main parts. The first part is the menu panel located on the left side of the program window. This section contains buttons such as Scanner, History, Favorites, Search, Folders, and Messenger. The next part is the display area where the program shows a list of IP addresses, computers, workgroups, and resources. The last part is the control bar on the upper portion of the program window. This section contains buttons that execute actions in the computer.