MyHeritage Family Tree Builder 5634

MyHeritage (Freeware)

MyHeritage Family Tree Builder is an application for creating a family tree complete with information for each of the family members. After installation, the program launches the wizard, which will help users to start building a family tree. The application also comes with a sample family tree that users use as a guide. The family tree builder has an intuitive interface that is simple to use even for beginners. Users can add family members to the tree by clicking the ‘Add Family’ link. A new window will open and users must supply the missing data (first name, last name, birth date, wife, marriage, etc). Once done, the information will appear on the family tree.

Each person in the family tree has an information card. Males have blue cards and females have pink cards. From there, users can add a photo of the person, as well as other linked relatives (son, daughter, father, mother, etc). All the added information will be included in the family tree. Up to seven generations of the family can be viewed at one time.

Here are other features of the MyHeritage Family Tree Builder:
• Face detection technology for photos
• Multilanguage support (bi-lingual data entry)
• Online integration for publishing family tree online
• Support for ancestor research